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The Chinese Embassy and PNG's Department of Foreign Affairs Jointly Hold Papua New Guinea-China Dialogue Forum to Commemorate 40 Years of Diplomatic Ties

On 9 December 2016, the Chinese Embassy in Papua New Guinea and the PNG’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) jointly held the Papua New Guinea-China Dialogue Forum in National Research Institute (NRI) to Commemorate 40 Years of Diplomatic Ties between China and Papua New Guinea. About 80 invited guests attended the forum, including Acting Secretary of DFA Mr. William Dihm and Deputy Secretary Mr. John Yamin, Deputy Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and NEC Mr. Frank Aisi, NRI Director Dr. Charles Yala and senior officials from the Department of Transport, Immigration Authority, Fisheries Authority, ambassadors or representatives from foreign diplomatic missions to PNG, including Japanese Ambassador and Malaysian High Commissioner, representatives from Chinese companies and Chinese communities, visiting scholars from China Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

In his remarks, Ambassador Li Ruiyou extended his warm congratulations to the opening of the forum and reviewed the achievements made during the 40 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries. Li said China and PNG have made historic progress in bilateral relations and forged strong relationship. The frequent exchanges and close cooperation in wide range of areas have illustrated that China is one of the good development partners of Papua New Guinea. Li pointed out that the relationship is heading in the right direction and on the right track towards building the Strategic Partnership of Mutual Respect and Common Development. During Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s official visit to China this year, leaders of both sides agreed to step up exchanges and cooperation between government departments, and to strengthen cooperation in such areas as trade and investment. He said, China had expressed sincere welcome to PNG’s participation in the “Belt and Road” Initiatives and PNG’s future development will no doubt attract more investments from China, adding to PNG’s growth in various sectors of development priorities.

Ambassador Li believes that China and PNG will become important partners to each other in the next 40 years.

Ambassador Li Ruiyou making his speech

Mr. William Dihm in his keynote address expressed PNG’s gratefulness for the support and partnership it shares with China, reaffirmed Papua New Guinea’s commitment towards the friendship in acknowledging the invaluable support that PNG receives from China since the establishment of diplomatic relations. He said, Papua New Guinea has always been committed to the Principle of One China Policy since the establishment of the diplomatic relations 40 years ago and will stand committed to this principle,and continue to engage with China more. The Secretary shortly reviewed achievements made over the 40 years of the diplomatic relations in the fields of political relations, trade and investment, defense cooperation, social and cultural relations, international and regional cooperation. He proposed to revive the PNG—SINO Senior Officials Consultations as an important bilateral framework to strengthen mutual understanding. He also highlighted future cooperation in such areas as Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, International Industrial Production Capacity Production, PNG-SINO Tourism Cooperation, Energy and Mineral cooperation and PNG-SINO Free Trade Area and Regional Economic Integration.

Mr. William Dihm making his keynote speech

Mr. Frank Aisi made a statement acknowledging President Xi Jinping for having accepted PNG’s invitation to attend the 2018 APEC Leader’s Summit in Port Moresby, and the Chinese Government for its support towards PNG’s hosting of above summit. Mr. Aisi emphasized that, the “One China Policy” is indeed the bedrock of PNG’s existing bilateral relations with China, PNG’s position on this policy has never changed over the 40 years and will continue to be maintained into the future. He said Prime Minister O’Neill has re-affirmed on many occasions that PNG will continue to adhere to the One-China Policy in its endeavor to build a strong connection and relationship with China. Mr. Aisi said, PNG values China’s continued support towards PNG’s overall development and he is pleased to note that there are many Chinese funded projects in PNG that complement PNG’s development priorities, these and other Chinese investments have brought about tangible economic development and benefits to PNG. He wishes the two sides to diversify the investment relations to include the non-mining sectors such as agriculture, fisheries and tourism.

NRI Deputy Director Dr. Osborne Sanida and visiting scholars from the Center for Pacific Island Countries Studies at China’s Guangdong University of Foreign Studies expressed their views respectively towards China-PNG cooperation by applying their own research areas. Representative of China Enterprises Association in PNG Mr. Tony Liu and Secretary-General of China-PNG Friendship Association Mr. George Shao made a speech respectively briefing to audience the current operations of Chinese enterprises in PNG and positive contributions that Chinese communities made to local society.

Reporters from TVWAN and The National were invited to cover the event.

Group Photo for Speakers and VIP Guests

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