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Ambassador Li Ruiyou Hosted Farewell Reception for the Chinese Scholarship Winners of PNG

Mr. Li Ruiyou, Chinese Ambassador to Papua New Guinea (PNG) hosted a farewell reception in the Embassy on August 19th for the 30 recipients of the 2014 Chinese Government Scholarship. The parents of the recipients and the officials of the Department of Higher Education, including the Director-General Professor David Kavanamur, attended the reception.

In his remarks, Ambassador Li commended the recipients on their success in winning the scholarships. He expressed his hope that the students will realize their dreams with what they learn in China and make contributions to the development of PNG and the enhancement of the friendship between our two nations. He said “The relationship between China and PNG has a long history and has been strengthened since the establishment of the diplomatic ties 38 years ago” and “PNG has over the years become the largest trading partner and important investment destination for China in the South Pacific Islands Region.” He pointed out that educational exchanges and collaborations would help nations better understand one another, and get closer to each other. Therefore, China has attached great value to the educational exchanges and collaborations with PNG over the years and has offered over 200 government scholarships to PNG students. He encouraged them to aim high and to achieve their goals.


Mr. Kavanamur expressed his gratitude towards the Chinese Government for assisting PNG in its human resource development with scholarship programs. He said “human capital development is the key to progress industrialization and modernization, and China is one of the leaders in innovation, science and technology.” He believed that “the recipients will develop the skills and knowledge to drive change, and help build enduring people-to-people links with China.” He urged the recipients to “bring back to PNG the benefits of learning in a country with a strong economic power and rich cultural heritage and traditions.”

Mr. Leia, on behalf of the parents of the students, expressed his gratefulness to the Chinese Government and people. He shared his own experience of visits to China, and encouraged the young men to “take the opportunity to study hard, learn about the culture and the people and bring back knowledge and skill and apply them in future professions to better yourselves and contribute to the development of this country ”.

Reporters from the newspapers The National, The Post Courier and Sunday Chronicle were invited to cover the event.


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