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Chinese Delegation Held Memorial Service at the Cemetery of WWII Veterans and Victims in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

On 24 August 2015, Mr. Gu Zhaoxi, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs led a delegation to Rabaul, East New Britain province, Papua New Guinea and held memorial service at the “Cemetery of War Veterans and Victims in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression”. The Chinese Ambassador to PNG, H.E. Mr. Li Ruiyou accompanied the delegation and presided over the event. More than 40 people, including Deputy provincial administrator of East New Britain Province, representatives of local Chinese community and enterprises etc., attended the gathering.


Mr. Gu placed wreaths to the veterans’ cemetery and delivered a commemorative speech. He praised the heroic spirit showed by Chinese people during their fighting against Japanese aggresion in the World War II, emphasized the great contribution made in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression to the world anti-fascist war, and pledged that China would use the inspiration of those fallen heroes to bring together national cohesiveness, to safeguard world peace and development, and to make happiness prevail among human beings.

After that, all attendees bowed to the War Veterans and Victims to show their respect. The members of landowner families concerted an elegy. Then all participants paid tribute to the martyrs by going around the tombs.

After the event, Mr. Gu had a meeting with representatives from the landowners families. He expressed appreciations to them for keeping maintenance of the cemetery for many years. The representatives said they would continue to take good care of the cemetery so that the souls of Chinese war veterans and victims could rest in peace.

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