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Why does the Chinese Government stand for the use of peaceful means in settling the Taiwan question but at the same time can not undertake to renounce the use of force?

Peaceful reunification is the set policy of the Chinese Government. To realize the reunification of the country by peaceful means is favorable to the great unity of the Chinese nation, to the social stability and economic development of Taiwan and to the rejuvenation and prosperity of the whole of China, and is the aspiration of the entire Chinese people.

The Chinese Government holds that adherence to peaceful reunification and non-commitment to renounce the use of force are supplementary to each other, and they are antagonistic and unified. If a commitment is made to completely renounce the use of force, it can only make peaceful reunification impossible and lead to the final settlement of the question by use of force. Non-commitment to renounce the use of force is by no means directed to the compatriots in Taiwan, but to schemes of the interference of foreign forces in the reunification of China and of "Taiwan independence".

To use what means to settle the Taiwan question is purely an internal affair of China. A sovereign country is entitled to take any means it deems necessary, including military means, to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Chinese Government is under no obligation to undertake any commitment to any foreign country or people intending to split China as to what means it might use for the settlement of the Taiwan question.

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