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Spokesperson on Chen Shuibian's “transit stop” in New York, US

Q:  It is reported that Chen Shuibian, leader of the Taiwan authorities, has recently started his “transit stop” in New York, US on his way to Latin America.  What is your comment?

A:  China has all along opposed any form of official exchanges and contacts between Taiwan and countries having diplomatic ties with China.  The US Government, bent on having its way of allowing Chen Shuibian to make a “ transit stop ” in the US regardless of the repeated solemn representations of the Chinese side, violates the three China-US Joint Communiqués and its relevant commitments, inflames the arrogance of “Taiwan independent forces”, grossly interferes in China’s internal affairs, to which China expresses its strong displeasure and firm opposition.  

China strongly demands the US side to seriously take the solemn representation of the Chinese side, strictly observe the one-China policy, the three China-US Joint Communiqués and its relevant commitments, correct its erroneous acts, prudently handle the issue of Chen Shuibian’s “transit stop”, not to have any form of official contacts with him, not allow him to engage in anti-China separatist activities in the US, so as to prevent damage done to China-US ties.  

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